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GoPro custom streaming channel gets a big boost with Roku deal

The channel app combines GoPro-produced content with the best user-generated videos on demand.


GoPro's content partnerships have come in more of a slow trickle than a deluge.

An in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America kicked things off in October 2013. That was followed by channel apps for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One entertainment systems in January 2014, and an LG Smart TV app a year later this January.

While those first steps were important, GoPro is getting a big boost with its channel app coming to Roku's streaming media platform. Roku is the market leader in streaming entertainment devices, having sold millions of its boxes and HDMI streaming sticks.

The channel, loaded with both professional and user videos, will have featured playlists and easy access to favorited and recently watched videos. What's likely going to be more important for the brand, though, is the capability to see what GoPro products were used to shoot a particular video. Also included is a Product Showcase to learn more about what GoPro has available.

The Roku app arrives on the platform this spring, but if you want a taste of what you can expect, check out GoPro's YouTube channel.