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Googlify your Nokia

Just like pimping your ride: Google has released a Google search bar to install on Nokia E- and N-series handsets.

Do you miss the magical G when you're away from your PC? Do you also own a Nokia smartphone?

A Google search bar is now available to download for the home-screen on your E- or N-series Nokia handset. The search bar sits at the bottom of the screen and — wait for it — lets you search the internet!

OK, so it's not exactly a mobile phone revolution but Google predict a "40 per cent faster search", although we're not sure if that refers to some complex search algorithm or just the time you save by not having to open your phone's browser first. Whatever the answer we love it, because we're lazy and we loving searching the internet for junk like "lolcatz".

If you're a Nokia owner who wants to Googlify your phone you can download it from Google's US mobile site by directing your phone's browser to If all this tiresome downloading sounds like too much work, you can just buy a new Samsung i450 which runs Nokia's S60 operating platform and comes with the Google search bar pre-installed.