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Googlicious. The show where everything Google is 'So Delicious'

CNET brings the best of Google and Android together in one place.

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I'm excited to launch an all-new show that you'll only be able to find right here on CNET called "Googlicious." It's everything going on inside, around, and about the world of Google.

Android fans? We got you. Google Glass Explorers? There's something to see here. YouTube trolls? We always take care of you.

"Googlicious" will cover the latest news, rumors, tips, tricks, and how-tos and big Google events and announcements. Plus, you can count on a few wacky signature segments like "My First...with Google Glass" and many, many more.

Google and all of its platforms are bringing some of the best innovation to the market, and the possibilities for them and this show are really limitless. We're just getting started and just like the Apple Byte came before it, "Googlicious" is going to grow and evolve with you. I can't wait to get you all bouncing to the theme music.

P.S. Don't worry, Apple Byte fans. That show isn't going anywhere. We're just spreading the love.