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Google's Xmas greeting: We even make robots happy

In a charmingly pointed video to wish Androiders Happy Holidays, Google shows that its Android ecosystem extends to little people from the future.

Aw. He's so lonely. Google Mobile/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Google cares.

Yes, it not like the cold hearts and ice veins of Apple, Microsoft, and the rest.

Google thinks about the little guy, like the robot who can't get drunk at the office party. And so now the company has released onto YouTube a video to thank Androiders for being just so deeply wholesome.

It's an uplifting Christmassy affair.

There are office revelers. There are illicit trysts about to occur (off camera, naturally). And there's one cute little robot who's been left out because, one supposes, he's not yet 21.

He's sad. He wants to feel the same spirit as these absurdly happy Googlies.

One very human Googlie decides to perform some voluntary work. He uses all the Androidy powers at hand to create a more festive atmosphere for the little robot.

He brings him digital snow, a Christmas tree, a burning fireplace, and even Christmas lights.

My infrequent reading of Android Central tells me that the little dock thing is a Nexus 10 tablet dock. Which you can't actually buy just yet.

Still, the robot is happy. Some friends even appear, to keep him company. I am fairly sure they are not from Android Social Services.

However, does even one of the humans offer him a little Gluhvein or a sharp snifter of Johnny Walker? Good Lord, no. Even Google's open generosity has its limits.