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Google's Wing may operate first US drone delivery service, report says

The FAA is reportedly set to announce the first drone airline license.


A Wing drone delivers groceries in Australia.

Project Wing/Alphabet

The US Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly expected to award its first drone delivery license in the coming month, and it may be going to Google's sister company Wing.

"In the next month we expect to announce we will have our first ... air carrier certificate for operating a drone airline," FAA Office of Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Executive Director Jay Merkle said at a conference in Singapore, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

While officials didn't name Wing specifically, Reuters reported that the Alphabet subsidiary is the only listed air carrier certificate applicant to the FAA for a drone carrier so far. According to documents available on the website, Wing has been working with the FAA since September 2018.

Wing became the first drone delivery service in Australia this week after 18 months of tests. The company is also set to launch in Europe, with deliveries in Helsinki starting later this spring.

Google didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

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