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Google's spreadsheet challenge

With the search giant adding yet another tool to the world's online workbench, how worried should Microsoft be?

With its launch of Google Spreadsheets, the search giant slides another tentacle into office productivity, causing industry-wide speculation of just how concerned Microsoft should be about Google.

Reader Poll: Microsoft Excel could lose out to Google Spreadsheets

poll CNET readers believe Microsoft may face an uphill battle to keep some of its Excel spreadsheet users from making a switch.
June 7, 2006

Gunning for Microsoft Office

Google has added spreadsheets to its growing stable of online office productivity applications.
June 6, 2006

video CNET's takes a look at Google Spreadsheets, an addition to the company's Web-based application family.
June 6, 2006

blog CNET's Rafe Needleman spends some time with Google Spreadsheets and offers his view of its pros and cons.
June 6, 2006

images See screen shots from the beta version of Google Spreadsheets Web-based software application.
June 6, 2006

Turning up the heat on Excel

Web world anticipates that the launch of Google Spreadsheets will put the search engine in even more heated competition with Microsoft Excel.
June 5, 2006

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Finishing touches are put on the beta for WikiCalc, an open-source, browser-based collaboration tool with the functionality of a spreadsheet that leverages the technology of wikis.
February 17, 2006