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Google's Schmidt: Expect robots to roam among us

Google's executive chairman envisions a future where robots are "omnipresent in our lives," and he thinks that's a good thing for us.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Dan Farber/CNET

At least one prominent technology executive isn't concerned with robots becoming too smart and overtaking the world.

Speaking at the Oasis: The Montgomery Summit on Wednesday, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that at some point in the future "robots will become omnipresent in our lives in a good way." Bloomberg, which was in attendance at the event, earlier reported on his comments.

Google has been investing heavily in robotics over the last few years, buying up a host of companies under the leadership of Android chief Andy Rubin. The search giant is reportedly focusing its efforts initially on manufacturing processes, but is expected to roll out robotics offerings for consumers, as well.

Schmidt didn't provide a timeline on when robotics will become "omnipresent" in our lives, but let's just hope that it will actually happen "in a good way" and not turn into "Battlestar Galactica."