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Google Pixel 4's voice recorder transcribes your conversations offline

As part of its new Pixel 4 phone, Google's taking on the voice transcription world.

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California

Google's taking on voice recording.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Voice recording is about to get a little easier with Google's Pixel 4 phone, which will record and transcribe voice memos using a built-in app and without the need for an internet connection.

The search giant said Tuesday its newest phone, which will cost $799 when it launches Oct. 24, has a new version of Google's voice recognition software designed to work even without an internet connection

Initially, Google said that technology would merely make it easy for you to ask the phone to set a timer with your voice, without the need for an internet connection to the Google Assistant service. But it turns out Google's built that technology into its voice recorder too.

"This means you can transcribe meetings, lectures, interviews, or anything you want to save," said Sabrina Ellis from Google's Pixel team."It's pretty accurate."

Google's move to add more features to its voice recorder software will bring it more directly into competition with companies like as well as features built into Microsoft's meeting and Office software for businesses.