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Google's Olympic doodle (with no reference to the Olympics)

Google presents a cute doodle for the Olympics opening ceremony. Yet the IOC's strict guidelines mean that Google must skirt around the edges of the celebration.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I fear that Google might be afraid of being treated like the butcher of Weymouth.

You might not have heard the meat of this, but Dennis Spurr tried to put sausages up in his butcher's shop in Weymouth, England. They were in the shape of the Olympic rings.

The Olympic thought police came and ordered his rings unhung.

I mention this because, in celebration of today's Olympics opening ceremony (no, of course it's not being transmitted live in the U.S., not even online), Google has created a doodle.

It is lovely little thing. But in order not to suffer the acid archery of the IOC, Google's doodle is entitled "Hurray For Sports!"

How's that for lawyerly? And, wait, given that these Olympics are to be held in England, shouldn't that be "Hurrah!"?

The doodle depicts five different sports -- yes, even soccer, where the four nations of Great Britain have gotten together to produce an unusual composite team (though the Welsh, for example, refuse to sing "God Save The Queen.")

The five sports in the doodle all wrap themselves around the Google logo. And I feel sure that the two little white O's have nothing at all in common with the Olympic rings, despite being, well, rather circular.

While you will surely be keeping up with Tech Republic's constant updating of how technology is spluttering -- um, I mean powering -- the Games, I recommend following the spirit of Google's doodle.

Yes, go outside and frolic with your own bats, balls, and swords. Too much sports watching can render you incapable of yet more sports watching.