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Google's new Chrome beta gets bookmark control

The search giant is turning its Chrome crank faster, releasing a new beta version that addresses complaints that managing bookmarks was impossible.

Chrome bookmark manager.
Google Chrome now comes with a bookmark manager. CNET News

Google is speeding up the Google Chrome beta release cycle, offering a new version Monday night with a new bookmark manager.

The bookmark manager appeared in Chrome, a less tested developer-oriented version released less than two weeks ago. Other new features include consolidated settings for privacy options, a rejiggered pop-up blocker, and security features, according to Program Manager Mark Larson in an e-mail announcement.

In addition, the built-in version of Gears, a collection of Google browser extensions for features such as offline browsing and geolocation, has been updated from to version, and the V8 JavaScript engine has been updated from from to, Larson said.

Google typically posts further details at its Chrome release notes page, though it's not yet updated for the latest version.