Google's Nest Thermostat talks to your car, washing machine

Nest Labs opens its platform so the smart thermostat and smoke detector can communicate with other appliances and apps. And Intel shows off a walking, talking 3D-printed robot anyone can build and program.

CNET Update dreams of a world with Robo-Bridget:

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In this tech-roundup:

  • Learn how Nest's thermostat and smoke detector will share data with third-party devices and apps. The Google-owned Nest Labs is taking home automation to the next level, but also raising new security concerns.
  • Watch Jimmy the Robot strut his stuff. Intel showed off its 3D-printed programmable robot. It plans to sell the two-foot-tall robot for $1,600 in September.
  • Intel also has a few other innovations coming out later this year, including the RealSense 3D Camera. The camera in future laptops and tablets will be able to measure depth to create 3D models.

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Google's Nest Thermostat talks to your car, washing machine