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Google's homepage gets a new look as Discover rolls out on mobile

Google Discover gives you relevant info before you even hit search.


Bye-bye, plain homepage.


Google is giving people more content on the Google homepage with Discover.

A screenshot of the Google Discover page on mobile.

Screenshot by CNET

Google unveiled Google Discover in September during its 20th anniversary celebration, and the search giant confirmed to CNET that the feature is rolling out to mobile devices as of this week. 

Discover brings a news feed of content to your homepage based on what Google thinks you may be interested in. So you may see posts about sports, YouTube videos or articles from various sites.

You can see your Google Discover page by opening the Google app on your mobile device, or by going to in your mobile browser. You can turn Google Discover on and off by going to Menu > Settings > Discover in the Google app or Google's mobile website.

Discover shows content based on search activity, device information, and location, but Google also lets people customize what they see. 

For more information you can check out Google Discover's support page and Google's instructions for customizing your Discover page.

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