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Google's Halloween doodle: Oh, you scaredy-cat

Search turns spooky today as Google brings an eerie urban street scene to its home page. See how the black cat runs.

All seems quiet. It isn't. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I have had trouble sleeping since Monday, when I got a note in my mailbox. It contained images of ghouls and read "hahaha, you will never get away."

On investigation, it didn't come from my last girlfriend, but from candy-minded short people who live on my street and intend to extort me a little later. (Helpfully, they even declared the time of their visit.)

Now, in my already frayed state, I am confronted by Google doodling on my nerves for the sake of Halloween.

Naturally, the doodlers have only the best of intentions.

Yet here the letters of the Google logo turn into threatening beings behind every door. So it's not unlike my own street, in fact.

For there (and here) live odd people with excessively bulging eyes, purple skin and long tentacles that have enabled them to buy a Range Rover or two.

Once you click on all the different doors, I am sure you will find delight -- especially when the neighborhood cat has an attack of the freaks and disappears down the street.

Which leaves me with one remaining dilemma: where can I run, should the little people who are coming to my door prove to be even more frightening than their note?