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Google follows Apple in removing the gun emoji

Through an Android update, Google becomes the latest company to swap out its gun emoji for a toy version.


Google's gun emoji has a new look. 


Android users opting for a gun emoji might notice the gray and brown pistol has morphed into a colorful toy water gun.

The update is rolling out to Android users, Emojipedia reported Tuesday.

"We're always evaluating our emoji designs to ensure that messages are displayed consistently across platforms," a Google representative said via email.

Google isn't the first to replace the emoji. Back in 2016, Apple replaced its gun emoji with a green water pistol. Emojipedia notes that Microsoft is the last to change its gun emoji. 

Later in the day Wednesday, Microsoft tweeted it would also replace its gum emoji.

Updated 4/26 at 11:34 a.m. PT: Adds Microsoft tweet.