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Google's gorgeous Thanksgiving doodle: Everyone can contribute

Another enchanting doodle from the Google factory brings us animals preparing dinner. But what can a fox bring? A banjo, of course.

An enchanting tale of joy. And foxes. Google/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

What will you bring to your Thanksgiving feast?

A pie, perhaps. Or a turkey, some sauvignon blanc and a risque joke you heard at work.

But what if you're a fox and you go around killing chickens for the fun of it, never once imagining that you could make a positive contribution to society?

Well, Google's latest beguiling doodle -- this one for Thanksgiving -- tells a story that has deep philosophical undertones.

Here we have a group of animals preparing their Thanksgiving feast in the woods.

Each has been thoughtful enough to bring something of edible and emotional worth.

They march together in line, ready to share in the goodness of nature.

Then there's the fox. He's bemused by all this. He tags along, but he's brought nothing at all. Perhaps he didn't think to. Perhaps he thought he'd just attack a turkey or two and be done with it.

Everyone, including the curiously spared turkey, stares at him as if he's a selfish buffoon, dancing to his own beat, ready to eat everyone else's meat.

But, wait. This fox has an idea. He realizes that on this one day it's worth making a contribution to woodland society. Perhaps he'll become a better animal for it.

It's not as if he can whip up a souffle or bake a pie. So he does what all foxes do to show that they're not all bad: he whips out his banjo.

The whole thing is an utter delight, with music from the Hillbillies From Mars. (Oddly, the song is called "The 28th of January".)

Wherever you're spending Thanksgiving, I hope that you will make a positive contribution. (Oh, go on. Just for today.)

It won't be easy, as you prepare your thighs and fists to participate in the 6 p.m. fight at Best Buy.

But try pulling out your metaphorical banjo anyway. People might just like your tune.