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Google's GameSnacks brings bite-size web games to slow phones

The new platform aims to improve game loading for people using low-memory devices and for devices on 2G or 3G networks.

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On Thursday, Google released its new casual mobile-gaming collection. GameSnacks, from Google's Area 120 development lab, is aiming to improve game loading for people using low-memory devices, and devices on 2G or 3G networks. GameSnacks joins the ranks of quickly loading game platforms like Facebook's Instant Games.

"Our Area 120 team works with developers to achieve fast performance by reducing the size of the initially-loaded HTML page, compressing additional assets such as scripts, images, and sounds, and waiting to load them until necessary," Google said in a release. 

Google also said it's partnered with Southeast Asian technology company Gojek to release GameSnacks games on Gojek's gaming platform, GoGames.