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Google's Finland data center draws $607M upgrade

The power-hungry tech giant is more than doubling its investment in the seawater-cooled facility, which will triple in size.

Google data center in Finland
This is Google's data center in Hamina, Finland. Google

Google is putting an additional 450 million euros ($607 million) into its Finnish data center.

The data center, which uses seawater from the Bay of Finland for cooling, was opened in 2011, after Google bought a facility in Hamina from a Finnish paper company.

It spent 200 million euros to buy the property and convert it into a data center, and a further 150 million euros on a subsequent project to restore its machine hall, which is due for completion early next year.

The latest round of investment, announced Monday, will be used to increase the data center's size threefold, according to Google. The company attributed the expansion due to growing demand from consumers for mobile video, Bloomberg said.

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