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Google's crop circle doodle suggests finality

Following the Google doodle that allegedly commemorated a Japanese video game, we now see an alien spacecraft over crop circles. What does it all mean?

It has been said, not least by senior people at Google, that the company dreams of the day when we have Google search implanted in our brains.

Some, mainly human beings, chuckled at the prospect. Perhaps they should stop chuckling.

It must be very difficult to stay interested when you're running the world's largest small ad company, so the appearance of a couple of alien-related doodles suggest that Google's management has finally spaced out.

The latest doodle, which appeared Tuesday, reveals a similar spacecraft to the one that supposedly commemorated the Japanese video game Zero Wing. However, this one seems to be flying over crop circles.

To accompany this mystery--or perhaps the selling of the majority shareholders to the rulers of another planet--Google offered these coordinates on its Twitter page: 51.327629, -0.5616088.

The worldly wise have suggested that these coordinates point to a town called Horsell in Surrey, England.

This is the location where the first aliens floated to earth in H.G. Wells' 19th century masterwork--and, for all I know, the Jeff Wayne concept album of the 1970s--called "The War of the Worlds."

It would have been Wells' 143rd birthday September 21.

However, I think they are fooling everyone. After all, crop circles are clearly the creations of alien beings who are merely toying with our farms, the very elemental organizations that prop up our ailing, stomach-stuffing society. And National Geographic is reporting that many new crop circles have appeared overnight.

Aliens are saying to us: "We can take you any time you like."

And, in an attempt to show just how far they can take their dominance, there is every reason to suspect that otherearthly beings have already implanted their own thought-processes into the brains of Google's leaders. Hence, the declarations about brain-implanted search.

We will soon discover that 'google' is, indeed, the Planet Bunga's word for "We own you, dummies."

And we will all be subject to the Bungans rather esoteric way of thought and deed.

I know some, especially those who hug singularity to their bosoms, cannot wait for the day.