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Google's 10^100 contest gets delayed till March

Google's 10^100 gets delayed by a month and a half. Apparently, more than 150,000 submissions in 12 languages were too much to get through in time.

Finalists for Google's 10th Anniversary 10^100 contest will not be announced on Tuesday as originally planned. According to a post on Google's Official Blog, it's taking a little longer than expected to sort through the 150,000 submissions. The 100 finalists will instead be announced March 17th, which is a month and a half from now.

Despite the delay, Google has made no mention of whether this affects the April end date, when the five finalists who get to share in the $10 million funding pot will be revealed. The delayed user voting will bring the 100 finalists down to 25 from which the final five are chosen.