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Googlemail going going gone: UK trademark dispute ends for Gmail

Googlemail is being axed for UK users, with the Gmail brand taking over once and for all

Googlemail is going. UK users with email addresses will soon be switching to the shorter after Google's trademark and technical issues have been resolved.

Google was forced to use the longer name when Independent International Investment Research -- a British, er, independent international investment research company -- claimed it had already used the name Gmail in the UK. The trademark dispute has continued since 2005, but UK Googlemailers will now be given the option of switching to the shorter address.

Google's Greg Bullock revealed the news in a a post on the official Gmail blog. It's not clear how -- or even when -- the dispute was settled: the Financial Times reports the issue was resolved in July 2008 when the search giant paid IIIR a quarter of a million clams.

Other countries in which users are stuck with longer addresses include Poland, Russia and Germany, where the trademark for Gmail is held by other groups.