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Google wins over more Net users in June

The Net leader gains on Yahoo and Microsoft when it comes to share of U.S. Internet users, but still lags in terms of time spent on the site.

Google won a bit of market share of U.S. Internet users from its top rivals in June, new statistics show.

Nielsen Online

Google's user tally increased from 127.6 million in May to 128 million in June, according to Nielsen Online. Meanwhile, Microsoft dipped a bit from 123.3 million to 123 million and Yahoo dropped from 115.6 million to 113.4 million.

Nielsen also measures time spent per user at each site, and there Google lags those two rivals, but by less. The time spent in May increased from 1 hour and 49 minutes to 1 hour and 50 minutes for Google; dropped from 3 hours and 13 minutes to 3 hours and 7 minutes for Yahoo; and dropped from 2 hours and 16 minutes to 2 hours and 12 minutes for Microsoft.