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Google What Do You Love lets you google Google, might implode universe

Google's new service 'What do you Love?' lets you search across all of Google's services, including Maps, Books, Products and News, for the things you adore.

What happens when you google Google? You can now find out -- with unknown risk to the space-time continuum -- thanks to a new service from the search giant, which performs a search across all of Google's various services.

The new all-seeing service from Google is called 'What Do You Love?' and presents you with a search bar when you first visit the site. Type in your terms and you'll get a deluge of results from across Google's different tools.

Type in 'kittens' (as we've done in the screenshot above), for example, and you'll see a host of options, including making a photo album about kittens using Picasa, or translating 'kittens' using Google Translate. You can find kitten ebooks with Google Books, searchi for kittens on Google Maps, or buy kitten-related stuff using Google's Product search. All the options are laid out in pleasing, rounded tiles.

In classic Google style, the new service was sneaked out without fanfare, and only came to light when a tipster notified TechCrunch.

So far we're rather impressed by the service -- it's great to see results from all of Google's tools tied together in one place, and the user interface is clear and clean. Down the left (you might have to zoom out of the webpage a little) there's a box you can drag to slide down quickly down the page, and if you click the little 'share' button it opens a Gmail window with the subject head: "Hey this is awesomely awesome." Oh Google, you cads.

We'll have to wait and see what the Big G plans on doing with the site -- it's all rather mysterious at the moment. In the meantime, we'd strongly advise against trying it out, just in case it implodes space-time or something. You don't want to go down in history as the guy who destroyed the universe