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Google Wave invites roll on, remain scarce

The eBay economy for Google Wave invitations has been pretty healthy, with some fetching upward of $80 to $100.

The initial hype for Google Wave invitations was massive and ended up leaving those who were left out of the first 100,000 disappointed. The good news is that Google has started to send out a larger volume of invitations again after having slowly trickled them out since the launch.

Google Wave's Steph Hannnon tells us that they are sending out a bunch of invites. Twitter

Google Wave's Stephanie Hannon tweeted Sunday that Wave had overcome some of its stability issues over the weekend and that they were sending out a lot more invitations. As of Tuesday, "Google Wave" is the top trending topic on Twitter and the results are filled with users (including myself) bragging about receiving their invitations and not surprisingly, others begging for one.

The eBay economy for Google Wave invites has been pretty healthy, with some fetching upward of $80 to $100. This big influx of new invitees, all with 8 invitations each, will probably eliminate a lot of the demand for Wave invites on eBay, much like what happened with Gmail invites.

Google Wave invites are going for upwards of $80 on eBay. Screenshot by Harrison Hoffman/CNET

Google Wave will start to become a lot more valuable once more users get access to the site. It seems that Google is trying to roll out Wave to people as quickly as the service will allow, so the wait for those of you who haven't been lucky enough to snag an invite yet hopefully shouldn't be too bad. How many of you have been included in this recent wave (couldn't resist) of invites so far?