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Google warms up for soccer with Copa America doodle

The 100th year of the futbol tournament of the Americas kicks off today.

The Google Doodle team pays tribute to the Copa America Centenario.

Screenshot by Andrew Gebhart/CNET

Are you ready for some futbol?

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the start of the Copa America Centenario -- the 100th year of the Copa America soccer tournament featuring teams from the Americas. For the first time, the US will host the tournament, and the action kicks off tonight at 9:30 ET between the US and Colombia.

The match will be held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, the high-tech stadium that's home to the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. It also happens to be right around the corner from Google's headquarters.

As in the World Cup, teams are organized into divisions of four, and only the top two advance to the knockout round. So while the teams might be in a mood to celebrate the occasion, they certainly won't have time to relax.