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Google wants you to add your kids to its Project Fi phone service

Your kids *are* responsible, right?


Google's Project Fi phone service is pretty slick. It combines multiple cellular networks and Wi-Fi into a single network with more coverage than any single standard carrier -- and it just recently added the LG G7, LG V35 and Moto G6 to the traditionally sparse list of phones you can use with it.

And Tuesday, Google's removing another hurdle that might have kept you away from Project Fi by letting you add your kids to a shared family plan as well.

Though Project Fi already had shared family plans, the company's terms of service traditionally restricted Google accounts to kids aged 13 or older, which meant you'd need to use the company's Family Link app to set up an Android phone for a kid. But Family Link and Project Fi weren't compatible -- until now, that is. Here's the company's blog post explaining it.

I won't judge. If you feel your kids are ready for a phone, that's totally up to you.