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Google wants to know how you'd change broadband

Want to fix broadband? Google and the New America Foundation want to know how you'd do it, and are using a community-moderated tool to make it happen.

Google has partnered with the New America Foundation to create a community feedback forum for ideas on how to improve broadband in the U.S. Users can submit their ideas, which are voted on by others using Google Moderator's yay or nay system.

The forum will be open for the next two weeks, after which Google is going to take some of the top-voted ideas to its proposal, which is being submitted to the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC will then take some or all of those ideas to congress early next year as part of the economic stimulus plan.

So far, there are a little over 70 ideas from some 270 registered users. Using the service requires signing up with a Google account, however any name can be provided when creating ideas.

Google is using its Moderator product to collect ideas on how to fix broadband. CNET