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Google Wallet: Pick a card, any card

Google Wallet offers more credit card choices, the TSA is ordered to bare all on nude scanners, and the IntoNow app puts a silly spin on watching Olympics.

Some big stories in Thursday's tech highlights, but stick around for the Olympic LOLs:

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Google Wallet now lets users pay with any major credit or debit card. But you still have to have one of the few Sprint devices with NFC to use the service. That's because Verzion, AT&T and T-Mobile rather have you wait for the competing service they invested in, called Isis. But don't hold your breath waiting for Isis.

The Transportation Security Administration has been ordered to address comments and concerns from the public about its airport body scanners. Wired has reported on how the TSA has not followed court orders to conduct a public-comment period over the scanners and public concerns. After a year of stalling, there's a new court order saying the TSA better act before August 30. There's also a petition filed with the government to force the TSA to address these issues.

Here's some news that may be hard to swallow: The FDA has approved pills with digital sensors that report to a doctor when you've ingested it. The sensor is about the size of a grain of sand and is powered by stomach acid. It also collects data on your heart rate, temperature and body position, and sends that info to a mobile phone app.

At some point we all have come across a few fake Facebook accounts, but the network has reported that 83 million accounts are fake or duplicates. That's about 8.7 percent of total user accounts.

While you're waiting for the Mars rover to land on Sunday, you can get your space-fix on Google with a Street View close-up of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The new images were added in part to honor the center's 50th birthday.

Wanna add some fun to watching the Olympics on tape delay? Try Yahoo's TV app IntoNow, for iOS. It has an addictive new feature. Once you check-in to a show you're watching, use the "Capit" option to pull up a stream of real-time still frames. Pick one, add a caption, and set it free on Facebook and Twitter for the LOLs. Even if you don't feel inspired, you'll be refreshing the gallery of clips all night to see what users are coming up with during the games.

A few examples I captured off the app for your inspiration:


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