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Google Wallet now offers debit card

While NFC adoption has yet to set the mobile world on fire, Google moves to broaden access to Google Wallet with a debit card tied to your account.

Google Wallet now offers a physical debit card to customers. Google

You can now get Google Wallet in your real wallet, even when your phone isn't handy.

The payment service now gives US customers who have verified bank accounts with Wallet the opportunity to pay for goods and services with a physical Wallet debit card backed by MasterCard. Linked to your Google Wallet account, the card will function as any other debit card would: You'll be able to use it in physical and online stores, and withdraw cash from your account.

Once they've met the requirements, Google will notify people via the Google Wallet mobile app and the Wallet Web site that they're eligible for the Wallet card. It will take 10 to 12 business days to arrive in the mail, after which card owners will be able to activate it online. The card relies on your Wallet Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you set up when you use the mobile app, and is limited to $5,000 every 24 hours, reports Droid Life.

As Google struggles to broaden use of Wallet's original near-field chip (NFC) tap-and-pay system, the company has looked to other measures to increase Wallet adoption. You can now pay with Wallet in the Google Play Store and the new Google Shopping Express.