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Google Wallet lands on the iPhone

Previously only available for Android phones, the virtual wallet app is now up for grabs for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

iOS users can now add Google Wallet to their mobile devices.

Launched Thursday, the free Google Wallet for iOS serves up the same features found on its Android counterpart.

Using the app, you can send money to anyone in the US with an e-mail address. You can scan all of your loyalty cards and other offers into the app, which you can then redeem at the checkout counter of qualifying stores. The app also can point you to nearby offers via your device's Location Services feature, though you can turn this option off if you'd rather stay hidden.

In the past, Google Wallet was off limits to iOS since the app supported only devices with near-field communications. On Tuesday, Google unveiled a new version of the Android app without the NFC requirement, opening the door to virtually all Android devices and now the iPhone and iPad.

Google Wallet requires iOS 6.0 or higher and is optimized for the longer screen of the iPhone 5 and the two latest iPhones.