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Google updating Chrome for Lion multitouch

Apple's newest Mac OS X product changed some multitouch gestures, and the Chrome browser now is starting to catch up.

Google Chrome logo

Google has released a new developer version of Chrome to re-enable a multitouch gesture that changed in Lion, the new version of Mac OS X that Apple released last week.

With the new operating system, a three-finger swipe left or right moves among different full-screen apps or desktops. That conflicted with Chrome's use of a three-finger swipe to move backward and forward in browsing history.

Yesterday, though, Google released Chrome 14.0.835.0 for Mac (and 14.0.835.0 for Linux, and 14.0.835.2 for Windows) that changes the forward and backward navigation to two-finger swipe gestures on Apple machines. The fix worked on my MacBook Pro, but it'll be some weeks before Chrome 14 arrives as the stable version intended for mainstream users.

The new version also adds support for a new communication protocol for Web Sockets, a high-speed communication mechanism between browsers and Web servers, according to Chrome team member Jason Kersey in the blog post about the new version.

Also new are tweaks to Chrome's support for multiple user profiles, a feature that will let people use the Web with different online personas. Multiple profile support was an early Chrome feature, but Google pulled back for a long development hiatus.