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Google, Twitter call attention to World AIDS Day

On World AIDS Day, both Google and Twitter have added some elements to their sites to increase awareness.

To show support for the global fight against AIDS, both Google and Twitter changed up their sites a bit Tuesday.

If you go to, you'll find a link under the search box that leads to several resources where you can learn more about AIDS, volunteer to fight the disease, and donate money to fight AIDS. It's no small contribution to the cause--Google's home page is undoubtedly driving considerable traffic to all the organizations the company lists.

Twitter red
Twitter has turned red for World AIDS Day. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Twitter has introduced a more obvious change to its site. Whenever a user adds the hashtag #red to their tweets, the message they update their status page with will be displayed in red to followers. Users can also add the hashtag #laceupsavelives to turn their tweets red. The change is part of the Turn Red initiative, which aims at battling AIDS in Africa.

You can learn more about Join Red and the fight against AIDS on the organization's Twitter page.