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Google TV is Smart TV

AT&T gets the Palm Pixi Plus, why you shouldn't click on "sexiest video ever," and we have some details about Google's expected announcement about Smart TV.

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We have a few details about Google's TV project in Wednesday's morning edition of Loaded but we are expecting more from the Google I/O conference later in the day. This is a project that I am excited about if it can do what I think it aims to do: liberate our television set-top boxes!

Set-top software has been unforgivably terrible for far too long. Think about how hard it was for your mother to figure out her cable remote and DVR. Or at least it was for my poor mother and it shouldn't be! She's a smart lady and it is not her fault. The learning curve is high and the software does not mimic programs we use anywhere else in our lives. It's a closed system and a walled garden. It gets under my skin!

The FCC is looking into the legality of cable companies dictating what hardware and software we use to access programming that we pay for but it could take years before we are actually allowed any choice in the matter. Google's product, if I understand it correctly, would empower us in a new way. It would be somewhat of an Android for television: an open platform where you could watch the cable TV you paid for while also navigating to the Web with more than just informational widgets. 

Of course this is not altruism on Google's part. They want to learn about your TV viewing habits and sell ads around that behavior. You don't have to like it but you also don't have to use it. And hopefully there will be competitors in this market, which will further encourage an open platform for television.

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