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Google Translate app for Android gets offline support

The newest feature in Google's Translate app translates your words for you, even with no data connection.

Offline translation is now available for Google Translate for Android. Google

Google today added offline language support to the Google Translate app for Android.

Available for devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and up, the new feature provides translation in 50 languages, even where a data connection is not present. To enable the offline capabilities on your device, simply download and install your desired language packs.

While Google is quick to admit that the offline results pale in comparison with the online version, it should still help when you find yourself hiking in the Andes mountains.

Those interested in kicking the tires on the new app experience are encouraged to head to Google Play, where you can download Google Translate for free.

Samsung, for its part, recently introduced a similar translation app for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Dubbed S Translator, it can be embedded in e-mail, messaging, and ChatOn, or function as a standalone tool.

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