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Google to you: Embrace your inner mustache!

An Easter egg in Google+ hangouts lets see what you'd look like with a hairy upper lip, in honor of Movember.

Not everyone looks better with mustaches. I have met very few women, for example, who can carry off this look.

Google, however, is trying to change my mind--at least for the rest of this month.

For the Next Web informs me that, as part of the Movember movement dedicated to raising awareness of the fight against cancer, Google has inserted a charming Easter egg into its hangouts.

Yes, I found this publicly displayed on Google+. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

While I have tried to join Google+, hanging out there seems a complex experience. Yet I know many are enthusiasts. Including, it appears, not merely women, but babies, too, who have decorated their upper lips.

Google Product Manager Amit Fulay, in launching these mustaches on Google+, encouraged everyone to see just what it's like to have a mustache as you chat with your nearest and strangest.

I know Fulay is a very clever man because he spells the word "moustache." And his team's vast brains have thought through these mustaches so meticulously that they move with you as you talk, laugh, sing, and belch. Or even if you merely cock your head with bemusement at the proceedings.

Your personal mustache is available at the dashboard in the lower end of your Hangout session. Merely toggle it towards your pretty face and it's all yours.

Given that we all wish that we could be as attractive as possible, this feature-- and in such a good cause-- will surely enhance personal self-worth all over the world. Or at least the Google+ world.