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Google to start up startup incubator in San Francisco

CNET's new San Francisco neighbors will focus on developers, startups and resources for emerging markets like India and Brazil.


Google is opening a new site for developers and startups.

Brooks Kraft/Getty Images

Google isn't shy about branching out in new neighborhoods. Come September, it opens its next office a few blocks from CNET headquarters. (I mean, we're practically neighbors.)

At around 14,000 square feet, this downtown San Francisco space will host and educate startups and developers at home and abroad, the company said Thursday in a blog post.

About a year old now, Google's Launchpad Accelerator program can be thought of as a startup accelerator that places special emphasis on mentoring developers from emerging countries, whose largely untapped markets hold huge potential growth. Google said it doesn't own shares in companies at this stage.

In addition to guiding developers, Google will use the new office building to host events like Tech Talks, which you can loosely think of as its version of tech-focused TED talks. Google joins a bustling tech neighborhood that includes companies like Salesforce and LinkedIn.