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Google+ to have 20 million users by the weekend?

Analysis of the current Google+ user-base suggests that the service may have 10 million users by tomorrow and around 20 million by the weekend.

Think you're special because you're already on Google+? You're not. Current membership analysis performed by founder Paul Allen suggests that Google+ is set to hit 10 million users within the next 24 hours and that a whopping 20 million people will have signed up by the weekend.

Google+ may be less than a month old, but it's apparently already swelling with a strong user-base. Allen states on his Google+ page that -- as long as Google keeps the invite option open -- the number of worldwide users may hit 20 million this weekend.

He achieved his prediction by tracking numbers of surnames signing up to the service, allowing him to measure user growth over time. There's a whole load of maths in use here which we won't pretend to understand, but Allen claims his prediction is accurate, if rather low-budget.

While these figures certainly seem high, it's not really all that surprising. Any service that has people throwing round the words "Facebook killer" is undoubtedly going to attract a mountain of early adopters. We'd be very interested to see how many of these users are actively engaged with the site, rather than simply signing up and forgetting about the service until more of their friends show up.

Google+ may be gathering users like we gather buns, but it's got a long way to go before it catches up with Facebook's 750 million-strong user-base. It certainly didn't take long for Google+ to get its first spam though -- leading us to a Viagra vendor. Not that we need Viagra, we're just saying.

Whether Allen's figures are accurate or not, it's certainly going to be an interesting battle between the two Goliaths over the coming months.