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Google+ to give better credit where it's due

Changes to the social network make it easier for content creators to get attribution in key Google services, and let you embed Google+ posts elsewhere on the Web.

You can now embed a Google+ post like you can with a YouTube video. Google

New changes in Google+ tighten the bonds between content creators and Google, the company announced at TechCrunch: Disrupt in San Francisco on Monday.

The two new features make it easier to receive credit for your work in Google Search and News, and allow you to embed a public Google+ post on other sites -- similar to Twitter's embedded tweets or YouTube's embedded videos.

"This is fundamentally how we create one Google experience across the Internet," said Seth Sternberg, product management director for Google+. "It's that link between Google, you, and the rest of the Net."

Google is integrating Google+ Sign-In with the company's Authorship program, so that when you sign in to specific Web sites, any articles you publish will be associated with your Google+ profile automatically. Likewise, your Google+ name, profile photo, and a link to your Google+ profile itself may appear when your content from those sites appears to others in Google Search and News.

The integration will roll out with Wordpress and Typepad starting on Monday. Three other sites are included in the integration's launch:, WikiHow, and, with others expected to join soon.

Embedded Google+ posts will be "fully functional," said Sternberg. "We wanted to do something really great for content creators and the users who consume that content," he said.

Google+ links Search and News results to your Google+ profile in limited cases. Google

All Google+ post formats work as embedded posts, and readers can +1, comment, and follow a post as they normally can on Google+ itself. The embed code is limited to public posts only, and the code to embed a post can be grabbed from the "embed" option on a post's drop-down menu.

As much as these new Google+ features will help content creators spread their personal gospel, they're also going to help raise Google+'s visibility beyond being a network for nerds.