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Google talking to Equant?

Google is in talks with Equant, a provider of communications and data networking services, about a possible business relationship, according to a report on the Business News Americas Web site. "We're in talks with Google about some things. I can't talk about (what things in particular), but it's kind of their next evolution as a company. As they begin to grow, there are some things that could be of interest," said Mack Treece, president of Equant's sales and marketing in the Americas. Google representatives did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

There has been much speculation that Google is preparing to build a network, expand its network, or partner with a network provider to offer either hosted applications, much like Gmail is now, or to push into the voice-over-Internet Protocol area beyond its voice-enabled Google Talk instant messenger application. The company has reportedly expressed interest in unused fiber optic and has invested in a company that offers broadband-over-power-line as well as wireless. If the company's mission is to make all the world's information accessible and searchable, then it kind of makes sense that they would be interested in the distribution and access part of that equation.