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Google Street View catches end of beautiful relationship?

Belongings are strewn on the curb. A woman appears to be loading them slowly into her trunk. A Street View driver captures it all, but what really happened?

So what is really going on here? Imgur

The heartless are everywhere.

Sometimes they are men, sometimes women. Sometimes they are simply beings beyond definition.

Why, I remember one proud woman telling me that she had dumped her man. He came to reason with her, to plead even.

"He was crying," she gloated afterwards, as if she'd scored some great victory. And to think the only reason she'd dumped him was that she'd discovered he was a drug dealer. Yes, it was only pot.

It's interesting, therefore, to witness the reactions to a Google Street View shot that has been propelled to Reddit and beyond.

The person who posted it -- handle ipmark04 -- explains that this is a Street View camera capturing "the glorious moment when my buddy kicks his ex-gf out of his house."

He claims the beshorted lady had behaved badly. Oh, everyone does in the end. The only question is whether their partner can tolerate -- or even forgive.

This posting received such encouraging and poetic reactions as: "Revenge is a dish best served at the side of a road."

And yet, the more Redditors have stared at the image, the more they have questioned whether it is what it is claimed to be.

Why would her floor mats be out on the street? And don't they seem to be beach chairs? She needed to take her beach chairs with her? Might logical thinking lead one to believe that this is someone cleaning their car out after a trip to the beach?

The image was allegedly taken somewhere in Southern California and identities have been protected in order to avoid further prying.

The saddest part, of course, is that no one has come forwarded to verify any facts. It is a pity that Google doesn't make its Street View drivers available for those who might want to know what really occurred.

There are still so many who would like answers as to whether the naked man in the back of a Mercedes in Germany really was naked or whether he might have merely been cleaning his car out too -- albeit in an interesting fashion.

As for the lady in this picture, perhaps she might come forward. I know that many will be wondering what happened to the stuffed dog, lying on the heap, uncertain of its future.