Google Street View car spotted in Singapore

Google confirms that the service will be coming to Google Maps Singapore in the coming months.

Street View van in Singapore
For reasons of privacy, we have blurred the faces and license plates in this photo. Google will be doing the same. Crave Asia

Take note, you heard it first from CNET Asia--Google's Street View is coming to Singapore. An eagle-eyed CNET Asia reader named Andrew sent us a picture of this silver Opel Astra complete with cameras doubling its height and the Google logo pasted on the side door. This was spotted at the junction between Dorset Road and Kampong Java Road.

We contacted Google, and the search giant confirmed that the service will be coming to Google Maps Singapore in the coming months. Street View launched in Japan earlier this year.

For those unfamiliar with Street View, this feature of Google Maps gives the user a photographic view of the location being searched. It has attracted controversy, with some residents of Street View-enabled cities complaining of loss of privacy. In some cases, men have been caught entering places like adult book stores, while others have been captured while inside their own private property. To address these concerns, Google will be blurring faces and license plate numbers before uploading the images.

Tools for users and authorities to report on images they are uncomfortable about will also be put in place, similar to what the company has done in the U.S., Australia, Japan, and France.

In any case, watch what you do or where you go, Singapore--Google is watching.

(Via Crave Asia)

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