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Google Store gift returns mean fewer regrets

Get too many Google Home Minis for your birthday? Trade them in with Google's new gift return policy.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Online and physical retailers know that after big holidays they're likely to be inundated with returns, hence the popularity of gift receipts and fairly lax post-holiday return policies at many stores. Thoughtful birthday gift givers usually include a gift receipt as well, just in case.

Screenshot by Dan Ackerman/CNET

But returning a gift purchased through Google's storefront has been impossible until now -- unless you were prepared to give the gift back to the original purchaser and sheepishly asking for something else. But now a new gift return feature on makes the process less awkward for both gifter and giftee.

To get started, find the Gift returns link at the very bottom of the Google Store page, then click through to confirm your identity (or to sign into your Google account). You'll need the order number and the zip code the gift was shipped to, so be prepared to ask the original purchaser for that if you don't have the info.

The only real catch is that gifts can only be returned for Google Store credit, not cash. 

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