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Google splices home page with zipper-di-doodle

In honor of Gideon Sundback, the electrical engineer who seems to have been instrumental in zipping up pants and dresses, Google splits its home page in half.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Though I had often been grateful for it, I had never thought who had actually invented the zipper until tonight.

Again, Google's fine polymathic doodlers entered my mind and implanted another chip of knowledge.

For it seems that a Swedish-American electrical engineer named Gideon Sundback was the man who perfected the zipper.

Britain's Guardian, which, thanks to the time difference, must have enjoyed an early exposure to Google's latest doodle, explained Sundback's technological breakthrough.

While interlocking teeth had been around for a while, Sundback had stuck a dimple on the underside of each zipper tooth and a nib on the top of it, so that the zipping and unzipping would function with a little more predictability.

Sundback would have been 132 on April 24. Somehow, the doodlers noodled out his history in order to present it to us, the ignorant masses who are still occasionally far too engrossed in Facebook (oh, I mean Google+) to do up our flies.

Sundback apparently meant his invention to be used in boots. But American ingenuity soon translated his thinking to pants and dresses. And, um, those shiny red bodices that you can get in certain leathery areas of major cities.

What's lovely about this doodle is that, when you click on it, it zips apart to reveal the Sundback search page.

It's not side-splitting, but it is extremely joyous.