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Google touts new search features to help you vote

Amid a heated US presidential race, the company is launching tools to help people figure out how to register to vote and get information on the upcoming national conventions.

Google will help you figure out how to register to vote in the upcoming election.


Google wants to help you vote in the upcoming presidential election.

The search giant on Monday is releasing a new feature to help you figure out how to register to vote. When a user searches on "how to register to vote," or something similar, Google will provide a detailed state-by-state guide with deadlines, general requirements, and the registration process by mail, online or in person. A drop-down menu will also allow you to look up information for another state if you need to.

Google will also provide detailed event information on the Republican National Convention, which starts on Sunday and the Democratic National Convention, which starts July 25. When searching for either convention, the schedule will come up, along with nominees, list of speakers, and related social media posts and YouTube live-stream videos.