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Google shows off energy calculator

The search giant devotes some precious and powerful home page real estate to a Halloween-theme tool to reduce energy usage.

Google is using the mighty power of its home page to promote a site where people can calculate the financial benefits of various ways to save energy.

The Halloween-theme energy savings calculator is one of a long list of Google's moves to tackle the country's energy problems. The site also includes a link to some advanced energy-saving tips.

However, Google Blogoscoped pointed out, the link doesn't work in some countries outside the United States.

Google counts every word on its home page in an effort to maximize page-loading speed and present an uncluttered user interface, but it often uses the few words below its search box to promote different efforts. The text for the energy savings plan reads, "Haunted by high energy costs? Here are some easy ways to save."

Google promoted this energy-savings calculator from its front page.
Google promoted this energy savings calculator from its front page. (Click to enlarge.) CNET News