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Google Shopping Express adds overnight delivery to Northern California

Overnight delivery might be something Amazon customers are used to, but now Google is getting into the mix.


Google Shopping Express, the company's online marketplace that offers goods from both major retailers and small, local shops, has added overnight shipping for customers in Northern California.

The overnight shipping service extends from Fresno to Porterville in the south to Eureka and Crescent City in the north, according to Google, and allows customers to place orders one day and get their products delivered to their homes the next. The offering is available on goods from both major retailers and small shops.

Google Shopping Express is the search giant's attempt to make the retail experience a bit easier for customers who don't want to go out to local stores to make purchases. Google partners with both big retailers and small retailers and offers products at the same price as what they would be in-store.

That overnight shipping has come to Northern California might not impress many people living in that area. Amazon, Google's chief competitor in the space, along with countless other online retailers, have been offering overnight delivery for years. This is an important step for Google, however, as it tries to keep pace.

Even so, the real battle for shipping supremacy has moved to same-day shipping. Both Amazon and Google are trying to win that space, and eBay also has joined the fray. Last month, Amazon expanded its own same-day delivery service to Dallas and San Francisco, putting pressure on its competitors to keep pace.

Google's overnight delivery in Northern California comes with just one string attached: In order to get an item the next day, customers must place their orders by 7 p.m.