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Smart Home

Google shares how-to search data for toilets, ties and more

Turns out, we all care about fixing walls.

Google (screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET)

Doors in America, washing machines in Russia.

A new infographic created by Google's News Lab aims to illustrate global search patterns for how-to information. Google focused on home repair ("how to fix"), but also lists some overall how-to search trends and trending searches from 2004-2017.

In the US, "how to fix a door" is the top home repair search. In Russia, it's "how to fix a washing machine." 

Searching for "how to fix walls" topped the home improvement list globally. For overall how-to searches, "how to tie a tie," "how to kiss," and "how to get pregnant" were the top three. Top trending how-to searches since 2004 get a little more random: from No. 1 to 3, it's "how to do the cup song," "how to draw a Minion," and "how to contour."

Click around for yourself.