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Google set to beat out Facebook as display ad chief

A new report by eMarketer predicts that Google will soon be ruling over the search, mobile, and display advertising markets.

Google is to be king in the display ad market. According to a new report by research firm eMarketer, the Web giant is expected to surpass previous winners, Facebook and Yahoo, and will soon reign over all digital advertising markets -- including search, mobile, and display.

Though Google has dominated search and mobile in the past, it has never ruled over all three markets.

According to The New York Times, eMarketer has predicted that Google is expected to earn $2.31 billion in U.S. display ad revenue, which is up 38.5 percent over last year -- while Facebook is expected to come in with slightly less at $2.16 billion, up 24.4 percent from last year. Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL are in the next three spots, respectively.

Facebook and Yahoo have had their turns at being No. 1 in the display ad market. And earlier this year, eMarketer predicted that Facebook would maintain the top spot, but it has now changed its forecast to Google. Before Facebook took over last year, Yahoo was in the lead.

According to eMarketer, advertisers are paying less for display ads, which will most likely slow the growth of the market overall. Despite that, the market is still expected to grow 21.5 percent this year. This growth has been fueled by online, mobile, and digital video ads.

Google's YouTube is one of the bigger contributors to Google's growing lead in the display ad market, according to eMarketer. The company has also done well with DoubleClick, which is its ad-management software that lets users sell display ads across the Web.