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Google sends blogger critics aspirin, schwag

Google is making nice with bloggers who complain about the company. In one case, the search giant sent a bunch of Google schwag, including a hat, shirt, mouse, USB stick, mug and a lot of other items, to Kirby Witmer, who complained about Google Checkout on his blog.

"Dear Mr. Witmer, I do apologize for the trouble you experienced using the Google Checkout system. In an attempt to make it up to you, I have included some Google goodies. I hope you enjoy the gifts and have a great day! Sincerely, Libby Neville," says the accompanying note, which appears on Philipp Lenssen's blog, Google Blogoscoped.

The Marketing Pilgrim blog writes about a Google search evangelist with a sense of humor who made a similar outreach effort. Andy Lasnik sent aspirin to a blogger who wrote an article complaining about changes to AdWords entitled "Dear Google, You're Giving Me a Headache."

"I hope this helps you keep up with the many AdWords changes," Lasnik wrote in a note sent with the aspirin.