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Google seeks justice on Net neutrality

Google may be getting ready to take the battle over Net neutrality to the courts.

Congress last week rejected attempts to pass a law that would prohibit telecom companies from censoring content, or charging different rates for different types of content. The issue had pitted carriers like phone and cable companies against content companies like Google.


"If we are not successful in our arguments...then we will simply have to wait until something bad happens and then we will make known our case to the Department of Justice's antitrust division," Google Vice President Vint Cerf said this week .

Blog community response:

"Of course, that assumes the telcos are actually worried about an antitrust suit. In reality, they probably realize that any such lawsuit would take many, many years -- and by the time it was all decided, it wouldn't much matter any more."

"As Congress prepares to give the big telecom players -- the phone and cable companies — the means with which to turn the Net into their own walled gardens, we'll need the deep-pocketed companies like Google to challenge them."
--Center for Citizen Media: Blog

"I would feel better if we can get legislation passed for net neutrality, a threat from Google would definitely carry weight, but who says they always be on 'our side'."