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Google search lets you swipe right on TV and movie recommendations

Yes, like a dating app.


Google is adding new features to its search engine.


Google on Thursday said it wants to make it easier for people to find shows and movies on its search engine. If you type in a phrase like "good show to watch," the Google app will let you open up a new feature to swipe left or right on show recommendations (yes, like a dating app). 


You can swipe left and right on TV and movie recommendations.


If you find a show you like, you'll see information including a description and reviews. To use the feature, go to the "Top picks for you" carousel and tap the start button. The idea is to train Google's algorithms so that next time you ask the search engine to find you a good show, it can give you a better match. 

Once you've found a show to watch, Google will let you play the content from streaming services if you already have a subscription. That could include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go or others. 

The update comes as Google has tried to bring more new features to its 20-year-old search engine. Earlier this month, the company updated the service to let people listen to podcasts directly from the search results page. The company also overhauled Google Images to give it a bigger focus on shopping. 

Google has also been working to personalize its search engine more, instead of having everyone see the same set of blue links. Having users swipe left and right on TV and movie recommendations also gives the company more data about users' interests, which could help the search giant's advertising business.